Sustainable Wooden Eyewear

Born out of a legacy and love for wood, SASHA is a portrayal of years of craftsmanship and understanding of it. Being aware of its properties and elements, speaking the language of wood is what we have always known. We are a homegrown Indian brand, creating on-trend wooden sunglasses with designs that are universal for the fashionable and modern. We bring to the fore sustainable eyewear which is easy on the planet, yet a reflection of your individualistic sense of style.

Using the age-old material to create something new, we put our aesthetic sensibilities to the fore to bring collections that ace in quality and exhibit our passion. With wood sourced through environmentally sustainable means, every piece is handmade by our skilled artisans. Our mission is to bring forth an element of your expression - we aim to let everyone choose from pieces that go beyond fashion to offer something that becomes an intrinsic part of their personality.

Each of our creation is a testament of our passion and the hard work of our craftsmen. Having spent time on R&D, our pieces are created to be enjoyed by many while also being sturdy enough to last a long time. Made for the Indian face, we left no stone unturned in making sure that you always look on point!

Our first collection, ‘Origin’ is a curation of 15 sunglasses, all made of walnut wood that are super chic, extremely versatile and fun! Our essentials have got everybody covered - Ibach is our quintessential pair perfect for daily use and Torpo is the one to rock for a sunny brunch. Stay in vogue with Anori, our angular cat eye frames or keep it cool throughout your next holiday with Nore, our super sturdy travel frames!

Each of our pieces is handcrafted in our workshop at MAC International where co-founders Anisha and Satyam Singla work very closely with the team of artisans. Having an experience of 30 years in woodwork in India and internationally, it is this legacy that SASHA finds roots in.

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